Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak


When looking for the right kayak for you, it is essential to consider how many people you want to enjoy it with, what types of water you want to traverse, and what price range your budget will allow. A well-maintained inflatable kayak can last over a decade, giving you plenty of return on your investment. Multi-passenger watercraft like Sea Eagle’s 465 FastTrack makes it easier than ever to hang out for a lovely day on the water with your pets, family, or friends.

There are a number of trusted brands that make superior quality watercraft. Sea Eagle is one of them, and they have been an innovator in the supply and design of equipment and watercraft since 1968. Their Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack kayak is one in a long line of successful, adaptive vessels. Unlike other kayaks in the FastTrack series, this inflatable model is designed to accommodate up to three passengers. You, along with friends or family, can head to the beach, lake, or river and enjoy an evening full of fun on this ultra-light, high-performance watercraft.

This article breaks down the benefits and features of this product. Whether you have been kayaking for a while or are looking to purchase your first family watercraft, it can be challenging to know what specs to look at and which accessories are necessary. In the sections below, we give explanations that can help you determine if the Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack is right for you.


If you and your family or friends enjoy kayaking together, then this multi-passenger craft is ideal. It is designed to handle well on the sea, lakes, or down calmer rivers. This is a kayak for anyone who loves to go off-roading or trail riding out to remote locations for some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The 465 FastTrack can be compressed for easy transportation, and it is made of lightweight materials capable of withstanding significant exposure to saltwater and sunlight without being damaged. It can hold up to 795 pounds and is a breeze to set up, making it perfect for solo or group camping trips.


The Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak is a beautiful watercraft. Designed to be sleek, precise, and professional, it does not disappoint. It is a professional gray with blue trimming and has three black seats fastened into place. These can be removed, replaced, or additional cushioning can be added.


There are spray skirts on the front and rear of the kayak, which have a protected storage area underneath and elastic rope lattices above, which can secure waterproofed items. One or more seats can also be removed to make additional storage space if there are fewer passengers.


It has a tapered asymmetrical shape with a narrow bow and wide stern. This gives it the ability to move more quickly through waves while maintaining balance and speed. There is an inflatable keel that is specially designed to provide added buoyancy and lift.

The 465 FastTrack also has double flooring built-in. An outer floor is reinforced, and an inner one features high pressure, rigid, drop stitched material that can be easily removed as needed for maintenance or cleaning. This flooring makes it feel as strong and stable as a hard shell kayak, which can help with stability.

Pros and Cons

There are various aspects to consider whenever you are looking to purchase a new watercraft. Below are a few we consider essential if you want to buy this specific model. The advantages and drawbacks listed below can help you decide whether it is a good fit for your needs and lifestyle.


  • Accommodates multiple passengers
  • This series is specifically designed to be fast, easy to maneuver, and stable
  • They weigh less than rigid kayaks and are easier to transport to and from the water, making them ideal for hiking and camping
  • They are easier to stow and can be deflated and stored in a conveniently sized bag
  • The specially patented Kneedleknife Keel allows for smoother rowing and movement through the water
  • Sea Eagle products are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which ensures that they produce high quality
  • The extra space and weight capacity makes it ideal for bringing dogs along for the ride


  • Customers have reported it is not easy to maintain control over even mild rapids and is instead best used in more tranquil waters
  • With three passengers, any inexperienced rowers will hit the paddles of anyone in front of or behind them. This is not a problem with two passengers since they can be spaced out
  • Without the additional inflatable cushions, customers report that there is not enough back support for long periods
  • Some customers have said in reviews that the number of D-rings available is not enough, and it can hinder flexibility.

Features and Specs

The following specs for this model were taken directly from the product page on the Sea Eagle website to ensure accuracy.

  • Cost: The price starts at $1,199

  • Chambers: It features four chambers, which are port, starboard, keel, and floor.

  • Load Capacity: The load capacity is 795 pounds. This makes it one of the largest inflatable kayaks sold by Sea Eagle.

  • Passenger Capacity: It can hold three total passengers at a time.

  • Dimensions: The dimensions when fully inflated are 15 feet 3 inches by 3 feet with an interior of 14 feet 2 inches by 18 inches. The tube diameter is 9.5 inches.

  • Hull Weight: The total hull weight is 44 pounds.

  • Air Valves: There are four recessed, one-way valves.

  • Inflation Time: It takes approximately 8 minutes to fully inflate using a pump.

  • Inflation Pressure: The inflation pressure is 32 psi.

  • Whitewater Rating: It can be used reliably for up to class two white water rapids.

  • Engine Capacity: It can handle up to 34-pound sod electric thrust with an engine weight capacity of 15 pounds.

  • Deflated Size: When deflated, it is 30″ x 19″ x 9″ and can be folded and compressed into the nylon carry bag that comes with it.

  • Materials: It is constructed of “1000 Denier Reinforced” with a quadruple overlapped seam for added strength.

  • Flooring: There is a removable drop-stitch section of the floor, which provides additional rigidity and stability.

Additional Features

The 465 FastTrack Kayak also has these other excellent features.

  • There are two separate open and close drain valves for bailing out water.
  • Front and back spray skirts. Each with additional storage space beneath and elastic rope for storage above.
  • It has high-pressure, drop-stitch flooring, which gives it a more rigid feel.
  • There is a removable swept-back skeg at the back to control yaw and increase speed.
  • It has improved tracking due to the drop-stitch high-pressure keel at the bow.
  • 20 total D-rings for securing people and items to the kayak
  • There are grab handles located on both the bow and stern.
  • Each kayak comes with an accompanying carry bag and repair kit.
  • It is made of materials resistant to sun and saltwater damage.

Benefits of The Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak

Unlike other kayaks in the FastTrack series, this 465-foot watercraft is big enough to accommodate much more in terms of passengers and storage. There are multiple areas for storing waterproofed items outside the craft as well.

This is convenient for weekend camping trips or all-day kayaking through a bay or down a river. It is large, but that does not diminish its speed or tracking abilities. This kayak is specifically designed to be sleek, fast, and stable.

Excellent For Flat Water

While this inflatable kayak is capable of traversing class two rapids (e.g., mostly clear channels with occasional medium waves and rocks), it is best handled on flat water, where it excels. It is safe, stable, and capable of handling some wind and waves in areas around the coast or other saltwater areas as well as rivers and lakes. You will want to keep this kayak away from whitewater areas classed above a two for the best experience. It is ideal for calm environments.

Great For New Kayakers and Your Fur Friends

The Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak can carry up to three adult passengers, but that does not mean that you should use that extra space for more people if you are inexperienced or intend to travel with someone inexperienced. The great thing about this model is with that extra seat you can space out the rowers so that anyone new to the sport can have time to adjust to learning the paddling patterns. This stops the paddles of both passengers from colliding together and causing confusion and frustration.

The extra space is also great for bringing along a canine friend. Customers who have bought this kayak have reported that the material is strong enough to hold well against heavier dogs’ sharp claws. The added stability built into the design through various design choices makes the 465 FastTrack ideal for using to acclimate new people and animals to a water environment.

It Is Simple To Set Up

Typical three-seater kayaks can weigh up to 70 pounds, but this inflatable FastTrack is only 44 pounds, making it infinitely less challenging to launch and move. This also streamlines the preparation process. It takes only eight minutes to inflate, and one person can unpack it and get it seaworthy. Once it is out of the storage container and ready to be filled with air, the undertaking is pretty straightforward.

While this product is meant for more than one person, it can be fully inflated and paddled by one person. The extra space provides an excessive amount of storage area should someone choose to use it this way. The maneuverability will not be significantly hampered by having only one or two passengers.

Better Than All-Rigid Options?

Many people who enjoy watercraft sports find that inflatable kayaks offer many more benefits than ones designed with hard shells. Ease of transportation is one of the most obvious ways this inflatable kayak is superior to an all-rigid craft. They are often more durable, and maintenance, which is responsible for their longevity, is less difficult for the inflatable kayak.

Also, if there is an accident while you are out on the water, a well-stocked repair kit can limp you back to shore and prevent a possible disaster since it is easier to patch up the small holes or rips that may cause air loss in inflatable vehicles. They are safe, reliable, and also take up less storage space when not being used. Some hard-shell kayaks are also more expensive, so choosing the more convenient option can save you some money.


Whether you are an experienced kayaker or brand new to watercraft, this high-quality kayak is an excellent option. You can use it for weekend trips with the family or long-term off-road treks through the wilderness. Sea Eagle’s 465 FastTrack kayak is affordable and has a whole host of positive features. You can rely on Sea Eagle to provide you with a professional product capable of withstanding the rigors of ocean, river, or lake travel.

While inflatable crafts are sometimes harder to control in rough water, the 465 FastTrack has been especially augmented for peak efficiency and stability, making it capable of being moved down rivers with a whitewater rating of two. That being said, it is best used in flat water where you are not going to run into unexpected debris, rocks, or high waves.

You can bring along friends, family, or pets to enjoy the water with you as there is plenty of space in this 15-foot craft. Customers who have bought this kayak have rated it a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Sea Eagle official website, and they have glowing reviews about the handling, feel, and look of this watercraft.

Not only does Sea Eagle provide many useful features in this series, but they also designed the 465 FastTrack for superior stability and safety. As you paddle across lakes, rivers, or still ocean waves with your friends and loved ones, you will be able to focus on the beauty around you and feel confident in the peace of mind granted by this craft.


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