SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard


SereneLife is a brand that caters to active people who love the outdoors and want to spend time focusing on enjoying their life to the fullest. This positivity is evident in their site content, product catalog, and the design of their items. They feature a wide range of products for people who enjoy active hobbies (e.g., paddleboarding, gardening, sports, etc.). They have several different stand up paddleboards for sale, but this page will only focus on one.


The SereneLife SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP Inflatable Paddleboard is a great board for beginners or experienced paddleboarders. The price also makes it one of the most affordable SereneLife inflatable stand up paddle boards, so if you are brand new to paddleboarding and still unsure of how often you intend to use it, you will not be spending an arm and a leg. This product is one that can be enjoyed by anyone who gives it a try.


We are going to breakdown the benefits and drawbacks of this board so you can make an educated buying decision. In the sections below, we have also outlined the specs, features, accessories, and appearance of the SereneLife SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP board.



You want to look and feel your best when stand up paddleboarding, and we want to make sure you know what to expect from this model and the SereneLife brand if you choose to purchase one of their SUP products. We will give you a description of how it looks, what types of storage are going to come with the kit when you buy it, and how handling is different from other similar boards.



The to of the board is black and off white with a stylized SereneLife logo and the name of the model, “Free Flow,” The underside is light gray and black with another SereneLife logo and stylized black waves. It is tastefully designed and attractive aesthetically. The board is approximately the standard length for a full-sized stand up paddleboard at eleven feet, and it is asymmetrically tapered so that the fin end is slightly narrower than the front. The paddle is black.



The product page does not have any mention of a carry case. However, SereneLife does have several options for carrying bags and backpacks that you can purchase separately at a very affordable price. There are some stand up paddleboard kits that come with a backpack, so if having storage included is important to you, you might want to look at one of SereneLife’s other options. They have quite a few inflatable options.


For the SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP, it appears that they include a carry system involving clips for keeping the deflated board rolled in place. This will not affect short term storage, but you will want something a little more secure for long-term storage to keep it out of the elements.


In terms of storage space on the board, there is an elastic rope lattice near the front that you can use to secure items that you may want to bring with you. There are also areas where you can attach bags or other waterproofed gear if you want to spend some time relaxing out on the water.



The aluminum paddle comes with an ergonomic grip and is adjustable to fit your height, which makes handling easier. The three fins also make navigating both flat and rivers or the open ocean, which may have more rolling waves and debris. Although it is still plenty big for a single adult and some storage items or a pet, the board is small enough that it can be turned or navigated around obstacles with ease. The drop stitching, reinforced PVC material makes it rigid enough to stay firm underfoot as you move your weight around to accommodate different maneuvers.


The SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP can hold up to 275 pounds and is eleven feet in length, which means you have plenty of space for storage or to bring along a small or medium dog. It is not recommended that you use the board with very small children.


Pros and Cons

Every product design has some pros and cons that can be discussed. Knowing what to expect from the product before you buy it can make it easier to avoid some of the cons. All of the information listed below was taken either directly from the manufacturer’s website or was feedback given by individuals who had bought and used the SereneLife SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP. This should give you a pretty clear view of whether this specific board will do everything you need to fit your lifestyle and boarding experience level.



  • Marine-grade waterproofing and corrosion-resistant fabric
  • The thickness of the paddleboard (6 inches) makes it ideal for trips down rivers where you may meet unexpected drops and higher waves
  • The SereneLife SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP has a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the customers with complaints all praised the quick and efficient response of the SereneLife customer service team
  • The paddles float so that you do not have to worry about accidentally dropping them and losing them in deep water.
  • The thickness and reinforced fabric makes it rigid enough to feel like a solid board, which can improve stability, balance, and ease of movement



  • The manual air pump can take a while to fully inflate the paddleboard, so having a portable automatic pump can save you a lot of time and energy
  • There is no bag for storage. Instead, it rolls up and is clipped in place, which does not protect the material from accidental punctures or tears during transport
  • Several customers have reported that since the paddle can break down in three sections, it is more difficult to use if any of the sections get slightly bent; however, they all had positive experiences with customer service and getting replacement paddles when requested


Features and Specs

The following specs were taken directly from the SereneLife product page to ensure accuracy.

  • Cost: $319.99
  • Dimensions: The board is 11′ long, 30″ wide, and 6″ thick.
  • Weight: It weighs 19.6 pounds deflated.
  • Material: Drop stitched, reinforced PVC and aluminum (paddle)
  • Air Pressure: The maximum is 15 PSI
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: This board is capable of holding up to 275 pounds.


Additional Features and Accessories Included With Your Board

The following accessories and features come included with the SereneLife SLSUPB08 Free-Flow stand up paddleboarder.

  • Coiled ankle cuff safety leash
  • Three removable fins
  • Repair kit
  • Carrying handle
  • Elastic rope lattice for storage
  • Manual air pump
  • Three-piece paddle


Benefits of The SereneLife SLSUPB08 Inflatable Paddleboard

This board has everything you need to take a mini-vacation on your nearest body of water. It is an excellent choice for all skill levels and is easy to transport and set up. Below we have outlined how this stand up paddleboard can benefit you. It is safe, can be used almost anywhere, is able to accommodate a furry friend, and is designed to fit all sizes from children to adults.


Improved Stability and Security

The SereneLife SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP is marketed as being “the most steady water board” by the manufacturer. It is specifically designed to be used on any kind of water from oceans, rivers, and lakes to swamps and pools. If you can get wet in it, then this stand up paddleboard will let you glide over it. This improved Stability also makes it a good training board for children and young adults who are interested in the sport. Children and teens should never be left unsupervised on a board.


Large Enough For Your Furry Friend

We understand that many people like to take their furry friends with them on outdoor adventures. At eleven feet in length, the SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP may not be large enough for a human passenger, but you can still fit on a small or medium dog. We recommend that you familiarize your pet with the board on dry land before ever taking them out on the water. There are plenty of training tutorials for introducing your dog to the fun sport of stand up paddleboarding.


Works Great On the Open Water

You can use this board to surf, fish, paddle across open pools, and use it for exercise on the ocean, lakes, or rivers. There really is no limit to where you can use this stand up paddleboard. Not every board has the right materials to stand up to the weathering and damage that can be caused by extensive exposure to UV rays or saltwater, but the SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP has no problem with either. The stability also means that it works great on flat water and rivers with a higher water difficulty grade.


Easy to Transport

SereneLife does have stand up paddleboard backpacks, and storage containers that you can buy but not every model of SUP comes with one included in the kit. The SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP is not listed as having a carrying case. What it does have is a clip system that allows you to roll up the board once it is deflated and secure everything into place.


When transporting your board, you will want to make sure it is clean and dry before storing it. This will stop wear and tear over time and make your board last longer. There are also plenty of carrying cases, backpacks, and other storage devices you can buy separately from SereneLife or online retailers like Amazon. One example is the $15.99 SereneLife Storage and Travel Carry Bag PRTSLSUPBAG that will fit any SereneLife inflatable stand up paddle board and accessories.


Fits Everyone

The manufacturer states that the eleven-foot length of the board makes it ideal for paddleboarders of any age or height, from young adults to adults. This means you and everyone in your family can take a turn paddling over the lake, river, or ocean. The size also affects the handling, and it does not take a lot of power to turn or maneuver the board through the water. This is yet another reason why the SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP is ideal for anyone new to the sport who may not have built up the same core strength and stamina.


Superior Customer Service

We wanted to take a brief moment and mention what you can expect if you reach out to SereneLife customer service about your new paddleboard. Many customer reviews gave glowing feedback about the company’s response to any questions or product issues. Their customer support agents provide timely and helpful support, and SereneLife is willing to replace malfunctioning products. The reason that we are mentioning this is because it is rare to find such a high level of quality customer focus in a large online retailer, and it should provide some peace of mind for anyone who is looking to drop a few hundred dollars on the SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP or any of their other paddleboards.



You now have all the information you need to determine whether or not this board is right for you. Stand up paddleboarding is a great source of exercise, adventure, and you get to join the thriving community of people locally and around the world who share your passion for the sport. However, without the right board, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, SereneLife has a whole range of sizes and designs to ensure that no matter what you need to make a board comfortable for you, they will have a product that fits the bill. We chose the SLSUPB08 Free-Flow SUP because it is an ideal paddleboard for all skill levels and ages.


This an affordable stand up paddleboard that has a lot of useful features. It would make an excellent first paddleboard, which will allow you to get used to being on the water. The smaller price tag does mean that it has fewer accessories than some other stand up paddleboards you might see from other brands. That means you may have to purchase some additional gear if you want it, including a carrying case for transport and a different paddle if you want something a bit more sturdy than aluminum.




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