Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak

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If you are interested in kayaking, an inflatable kayak is a great place to start with, especially if you want to explore still waters. Today’s inflatable kayak models offer greater comfort and more functionalities than the traditional hard shell models. They are not only portable for travel thanks to their foldable design but also easy to store.

Besides, an inflatable kayak doesn’t require an extra pair of hands to get it down to a water body owing to its easy setup procedure. Not to mention that they are available in different colors, sizes, and capacities.

One of the best inflatable kayaks in the market today is the Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak. It’s a popular choice among water sports enthusiasts for two reasons: it’s affordable, and the quality is unmatched.

The Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak feels comfortable on the water thanks to its sleek design that’s allows kayaking enthusiasts to paddle with ease. It also comes in bright, sporty colors that make it attractive and visible in the water. As such, this is a safer option for those who intend to paddle in expansive water bodies.

Read this in-depth review of Intex Explorer K2 to explore some of the Kayak’s most outstanding features and why it’s the most preferred choice by water lovers.

If you are in a hurry, here is our quick overview of Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak;

Features at a glance;

· It is a 2-person inflatable kayak

· The outer material is a puncture-resistant industrial-grade vinyl

· Has 1-beam floor rigidity

· Foldable thus easy to carry and store

· Features Boston valves for ease of inflation and deflation

· Bright, sporty colors for visibility

· Comes with a repair kit

· Features two distinct air chambers

· Perfect for beginners

What Is Included in the packaging

· One Kayak

· Two inflatable seats

· Storage duffle bag

· Intex high-output pump

· A repair kit

· A skeg

· Two aluminum oars

Quick Verdict

The Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak is an affordable and quality option for beginner paddlers looking to explore water bodies. It is one of the most popular and best inflatable kayaks in the market. Its affordable price makes it an excellent choice for first-times who don’t want to spend a ton.

Also, if you happen to be looking for a 2-person kayak, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a great option for you. This Kayak offers a lot of comfort, reliability, and value.

Let’s now delve deep into the features of this inflatable Kayak

Features and Benefits of Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak


The Intex Explorer K2 features a simplified exterior design that enables it to navigate through still lakes and fairly lumpy waters with ease. Its exterior has bright colors to ensure maximum visibility from a distance and attractive black accents with striking graphics to give it a sporty finish.

One of the main things that make this inflatable Kayak suitable for beginners and pro paddlers is a streamlined design that makes it effortless to paddle even in rough waters.

What’s more? This 2-person Kayak features two roomy seats with comfortable, adjustable backrests to make your rides relaxing.

This Kayak boasts two separate air compartments, which makes it safer should one compartment starts to leak. This is a great safety feature to have in a kayak because the vinyl in one compartment could get a hole, and you’d still paddle back to safety with the other chamber.

Beyond two compartments, the Intex Explorer K2 features an I-beam that goes down the center for stability and rigidity. The beam keeps the boat rigid to water elements and stable even when the waters get a little wobbly. The Kayak offers a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, sufficient to pack gear and other necessities when sailing on the weekend out.

Additionally, inflating this Kayak takes a few minutes when using a manual pump and deflates in less than two minutes. Once deflated, you can fold it up and carry it with ease to the trunk of your car. And even when inflated, you can easily carry it by yourself to the shore thanks to the grab handles and grab lines on the sides.

Build Quality

It’s easy to assume that the Explorer K2 is low quality and not durable because of its affordable price tag, but you’d be wrong. Intex has done a great job to make this Kayak solid by using materials that will withstand the harsh elements in the water.

The shell has 1200 denier nylon that is covered by a tempered 30-gauge vinyl material. Although this doesn’t give you the license to paddle through harsh waves and rapids water, you can paddle through still water bodies and mild rivers with peace of mind knowing that your Kayak will sail through without a problem.

As aforementioned, the Intex Explorer K2 features two air compartments – one to act as a backup air chamber in case one gets a puncture. Needless to say, punctures are not a common thing with this Kayak, thanks to its reinforced outer material. The toughened 30-gauge vinyl provides the needed protection and buoyancy to sail through safely.

Portability and Setup

We can categorize Intex Explorer K2 among the most lightweight inflatable kayaks because it folds down to a size small enough to fit in any trunk of a car. This makes it easier to transport it from one place to another as you wish.

However, it’s on the bit bulky side for those looking for a kayak that can fit in their backpacks or bike packs. It can be difficult to carry this Kayak alone for some people if the water body is too far from the car unless you get an extra pair of hands to help you.

Regarding its set up, inflating the Kayak takes about 10-15 minutes before it’s ready for paddling. To inflate, use the Bostom valves on each side of the air compartment. Apart from a manual pump that comes with the Kayak, you can also use a power pump to make the inflation process more effortless.

Deflation takes very few minutes, and if you have a power pump, the process is even faster.


As said, this Kayak is designed for two people plus a decent room to accommodate all their gears. This Kayak is also great for solo paddlers who would like to go fishing or camping alone. When paddling solo, you can use the second seat for keeping gear. Still on storage, this Kayak lacks D-rings, but the available room should suffice.

Speaking of the backrests, Intex made them adjustable, which allows you to incline them to your liking. The seats come with adjustment straps to accommodate people of varying weights.

Better yet, the seats are removable, and thus you can remove them when you want to lay down and relax in your Kayak.


The Intex Explorer K2 Inflated Kayak is designed for smooth waters but can hold up well in mild waves.

Is it ideal for oceans? Well, it is not designed for rapid ocean tides, and thus, you shouldn’t go too far out into the oceans. This Kayak is not ideal for rapid waves due to the port in the draining hole, which may not withstand turbulent rapids.

On smooth waters, this Kayak is very stable. And considering that the seats allow you to sit low and the interior is roomy, you won’t feel like you are tipping over when kayaking through mild rapids.

However, it is important to note that this Kayak is not as smooth on the water as a plastic kayak and is not fast. Nonetheless, the Kayak Explorer tracks very well with the skeg attached. The streamlined design makes it easy and fun to row. It may not go as fast as a racing boat, but when two paddlers paddle in unison, it can speed up and move straight.

Pros of Intex Explorer K2 Inflated Kayak

· Highly durable

The Intex Explorer K2 has an exterior surface made up of 30-gauge vinyl. The vinyl covers the 1200 denier nylon air compartment, making it puncture resistant. What’s more, it has an I-beam floor that makes it resist hard rocks.

· Attractive and safe

This Kayak has a striking yellow color and thus will be visible from a distance. The bright colors are great during emergencies as rescues can see your Kayak easily from afar.

· Stability

With a removable skeg, you can rest assured that the Explorer K2 will track in a straight line. Also, because you sit low and have ample room area, you won’t feel as though you are tipping over when there are mild tides.

· Large carrying capacity

Despite it being an inflatable kayak, K2 can carry a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds. If you like going on solo trips, you can load up all your gears without worrying about exceeding the maximum weight capacity it can carry.

· Highly portable and easy to store

Being an inflatable kayak means that you can easily deflate this Kayak and fit it in its duffle bag. Transport it to and from your favorite water spot is also easier. Storing this Kayak is easy as it doesn’t occupy much space when deflated and folded well.

· Toughened flooring

In most cases, cheap inflatable kayaks become obsolete fast as their flooring gets worn out. However, Explorer K2 has this covered, thanks to an I-Beam flooring on this Kayak to ensure it withstands rock damage. The I-Beam also protects the floor from shocks and hits.

· Quick inflation and deflation process

It can be tiresome to inflate and default Kayak, but Intex made the process easier with the Explorer K2 by installing Boston Valves. The valves are conveniently located on each side of the Kayak, making inflating and deflating a breeze.

· Variety of accessories

With Explorer K2, you will be getting a carrying bag, a high output pump to inflate the Kayak, two double paddles, a repair kit, and 86″ aluminum oars. The wide range of accessories that comes with this Kayak is one of the reasons why it’s one of the best-selling kayaks in the market. All these accessories make it a greater bargain, especially for its price.


Intex offers a short warranty period on this Kayak

The Intex brand providers a relatively shorter warranty coverage compared to what is offered by other similar brands. The Kayak has a warranty of 90 days, which means that you have to test your Kayak as soon as possible to see if it has any default. Fortunately, most users agree that it lasts.

Not designed for coastal waters

People in coastal areas will feel left out as they cannot use Explorer K2 in the ocean, where rapid waves are frequent. This is because the Intex Explorer K2 is designed for small water bodies such as lakes and mild rivers. On the upside, the kayak can be used in salty water bodies.

Issues with stability when the weather is hot

The Explorer K2 is made of black material, which means it will absorb a lot of heat when exposed to a lot of sun. This will cause it to expand, which will ultimately have a negative impact on tracking, smoothness, and stability.

Struggles in heavy wind

As with most kayaks, it can be hard to paddle the Intex Explore K2 when there are heavy winds. You will need to put a lot of effort into keeping the kayak in a stable flow.


The Intex Explorer is a great choice for beginner paddlers who want to start exploring water bodies. It’s designed for smaller water bodies where there are no rapid waves, and therefore, ideal for leisurely paddling and cruising on a lake.

The Kayak has two comfortable seats, complete with adjustable backrests, and the cockpit is designed to be spacious enough. This sporty-looking Kayak also features a removable skeg for direction stability when paddling. What’s more, it is lightweight and compact and thus easy to carry and store by yourself.

Overall, this model is an excellent choice for beginner paddlers or people who go for recreational tours in still waters. It can hold a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds while still withstanding harsh weather elements.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best inflatable Kayaks on the market.


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