Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak


Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak is a self-bailing inflatable kayak that has better tracking in the open waters. This is due to the fact that it features an aluminum rib frame on the rib and stern. In addition to that, you can use it in whitewater in up to class III rapid level.

You can close and open the bailing ports depending on what environment you are in – when it is calm or cold you just close them and open them when it is rough. The most recommended situations for using this kayak is fishing, surfing, and paddling in small waves and on a short-distance sea trip. Used by only 1 paddler, it best suits for up to class III river rapids, ocean, day trips, and for camping.

The Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak can be carried easily and quickly in its duffel bag for use in any remote locations you would like to have it.

The kayak is very easy to inflate, with this taking only 10 minutes with a hand pump. The valve makes it easy to deflate and fold it up. The hull provides a design similar to the hard shell sit-on-top kayak but in comparison with the hard shell kayak, it is easy to pack – in a bag – and carry it away in any location.

The Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak is sold with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and there are two color options – grey and yellow.


The Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak measures 9’8” in length while the width is 35”. The product weighs 15 kilograms or 34lbs. When loaded, it can carry up to 136 kilograms or 300 lbs. When folded, the product size is 30” by 17” by 10”.

This kayak can be used by both beginner and advanced paddlers. The kayak is very secure when in water, which works well for beginner paddlers. In addition, some paddlers use the kayak for fishing and enjoy riding the big waves of 3’ and up.

If you are an advanced paddler, you do not get any problems paddling for 4 miles with this kayak when the waters are calm. Designed for whitewater paddling up to class III rapids, the kayak can offer a good performance for fairly any type of water.

This kayak is rated by reviewers as very durable given its material construction. It is also very easy and quick to set up the Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak because it takes just ten minutes to inflate with a hand pump.

This kayak also features well-designed bladder and outer nylon cover. The kayak is easy to maneuver but is slower than a hard yak. Given that it is an inflatable, it will leave some more surface area above the water so it will be hit more by the wind. This makes the kayak to drift more quickly and faster forward although this can be a bad thing. Whether it is a good or bad thing depends on whether you want to cover more fishing spots, want to drift, or be stationary.

When using the kayak, you can choose a paddle that is at least 230 cm but that depends on whether you are tall and short guy.

Pros and Cons

The Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak comes with very many benefits. In addition to being of good performance, easy to carry around and setup, it comes with a lot of space for storage although there is no way to secure your equipment to the kayak.

This kayak even allows users to stand up during fishing on it and this allows the user to have a good vantage point in sight fishing. Fly casting is also possible on this kayak. You also get an opportunity to stretch tired legs and body. It will give you a rather dry ride. This kayak is also rated as having a very reasonable price.

This will be good for budget if you are to surf and paddle on calm waters, otherwise, choppy and windy conditions will not favor its use. The other good features on this kayak are the two rod holders – and it is possible to add more.

In addition to being easy to lift, it also features easy entry and exit, and dries fairly quickly. It is extremely stable to the extent you can lay back and have a nap on the kayak.

Unlike with some other more comfortable designs on the kayak, this kayak’s seats do not have a rigid base to support your back. The flexible seats are uncomfortable in shape and arrangement. The seats can be made more comfortable by buying or making more padding.

Although it is rated as tracking well, it probably doesn’t do the job as well as the hard shell. However, it tracks very well compared to the Feathercraft airline although both are at a different price point.

Unfortunately, this kayak is very heavy and does not have a skeg for added speeding on calm waters. It is not also possible to lock the bag when traveling because the Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak does not have a D-ring on the zip. You can solve this problem by sewing one on at a nominal price.

The bag that comes with the kayak for purpose of carrying it does not have shoulder straps that would make act as a backpack.

Features and Benefits

1. Quick to set up and portable – The pre-assembling done at the factory makes the Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak easy to set up and take down. You can unfold it quickly, inflate, and attack the seats with great ease and haste.

Like some of the other easy and quick-to-carry kayaks, this is one of your best companions when looking for a kayak you can pack and go with to kayak parties, rowing and paddling with friends even far away from home.

2. Hull design – The hull design of the inflatable and foldable kayak ensures improved tracking thanks to the aluminum ribs set on the rib and stern.

3. Versatile – When riding the rough waves, you can decide to open the self-baiting ports to take advantage of the self-bailing nature of the kayak. The ports are closed during calm and cold water conditions.

4. Comfortable – Even when planning to paddle for several hours, this kayak provides the much needed comfort because of the seats that are not only padded but also adjustable.

5. Durable – The Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak is made of heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin material which renders it very resistant to puncture.

6. An integrated pressure relief valve in floor.

7. It features a unique bow and stern design that makes it easily cut through the water with minimal drag. The hard edge bow and stern design improves tracking.

8. The seats are adjusted using D-rings which are thigh strap compatible.

9. Included in the accessories sold with the kayak are rod holders, a repair kit, and a Duffel bag for carrying the kayak, a folding seat, and an owner’s manual.

10. Sit-on-top open cockpit.


To start with, all of the Sea Eagle kayaks leverage the company’s long term experience of 40 years making kayaks. The end result is kayaks of high performance, stability, durability, versatility, and speed. Inflatable kayaks are a notable success for Sea Eagle even more than are the hard-shell kayaks because the former are more portable, quick to set up, and convenient. These kayaks also have quality certifications from bodies such as the NMMA. This attests to their good quality.

All of the inflatables, including the Advanced Elements Strait Edge, will consume around 10 minutes to inflate, and with the help of valves, they are quick to dismantle. They also dry very quickly. Besides, this, there are many other factors to consider when looking for a kayak that suits your needs. For instance, it would be different case for buyers of the Strait Edge if they were looking for a kayak that can ferry more people and render more engine power for high speeds and for carrying more weight.

Safety is also a very important feature for buyers of kayaks and it is necessary to emphasize that all kayaks are safe when used in the environments they have been designed for. Some kayaks are also not stable to use. For instance, buying a kayak such as the 465ft that has a keel design helps prevent instabilities that come from the yaw movements when paddlers try to use the double-end paddle on each side of the kayak. Kayaks which have keels to prevent this also can manage high forward speeds and can plow over waves. This may not be so for the Strait Edge.

Compared to the top-of-the-range kayaks like the Sea Eagle 465 Fast Track Inflatable Kayak, the Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak will not be the best for paddling, rowing, or even fishing at high speeds on open waters and ocean bays. The 420x also, in comparison, is used on running rivers in addition to whitewater paddling.

The Strait Edge kayak is the best for a budget kayak unlike the top-of-the-range kayaks that are very costly although with additional features. It is most recommended for beginner paddlers who are not very explorative with kayaks. Otherwise, the top-of-the-range Sea Eagle brands will do much better.

465 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak can carry up to three people or a maximum of 360 kilograms because it comes with extra space to allow the three to sit or paddle comfortably while inside. The top-of-the-range kayaks also feature sleek designs and are of very light weight unlike this one that is very bulky. The 465 comes with an oversized and removable skeg in the rear, which helps to improve the speed and control of the yaw. Unlike the 465ft, this kayak does not provide good opportunity for upgrades, which gives customers good options depending on their budgets and preferred features.

Most of the top-of-the-range kayaks like the 465 Fast Track kayak come with additional storage space, and are therefore more suitable when paddling with friends and family where you need to carry lots of gear and other equipment. These top-of-the-range kayaks are also more preferable for fishing.


In conclusion, the Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak is designed for whitewater paddling for up to class III rapid level. It comes with a good performance for that kind of water condition, although it can perform fairly on any water type. This kayak is recommended for a person who is starting out in kayaking and paddling in smooth waters and at manageable speeds.

For a good price, you get a kayak that can be used by one person although there is plenty of room for storage. It is not very big in size and certainly not your choice if you are looking for a heavy duty kayak. The kayak is definitely not your best choice if you are looking for one that serves you best in a team of friends for instance in kayak parties. You had better be safer and quicker with top-of-the-range kayaks such as the 465ft if you are looking for kayaks that perform at high speeds and which are more stable for two or three paddlers.

However, it is very portable and manages a good speed thanks to the aluminum bow and stern frame that also improves tracking in open water conditions. It was indeed the first to incorporate the aluminum bow and stern frame design. It is easy to set up with just 10 minutes of inflating with a hand pump, and you will be able to fold and store it comfortably in a closet or trunk of any car.

For advanced and skilled paddlers, you can actually push the application to paddling for about 4 miles on calm waters. Some riders even use it for fishing and riding big waves of 3’ and above and this kayak provides excellent support for beginner paddlers. However, it will not do well for choppy and windy conditions.


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