FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP

Are you looking for a paddle board that can help you explore a nearby lake or river? Maybe you are a camping enthusiast and would like to have a paddle board you can easily keep in your trunk and take with you for paddling.

This inflatable paddle board by FunWater, commonly known as FunWater Tiki Cruise Paddle Board by many of its users, is one of the best light paddle boards. It has become one of the most popular inflatable paddle boards this year- and for good reasons.

It is designed as a standard size for a cruiser SUP, owing to the fact that it is 10.5ft by 33 inches in width, making it easy and fun to paddle. The 33-inches width, which is just under 3ft, means that you have ample space for paddling while standing or kneeling.

This board is great for first-time paddlers, teenagers, or even intermediate paddler looking for affordable, stable paddle boards.

Let’s quickly go through its specifics before we discuss several other aspects of this cruiser SUP.

A Quick Overview for People Who Are In a Hurry

Here are the major features of FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Paddle Board;

· Bunger storage system

The FunWater 10’6 inflatable SUP board has a 6-point bungee storage system on the front part that allows you to store items under it. This storage system offers an ample area where you can put your backpack, waterproof bag, paddle, and other items you have brought with you.

· 1 D-ring

The D-ring attached to this iSUP is made of stainless steel to provide firmness and durability. You can use it to secure the ankle leash or for anchoring the board.

· Three detachable fins

FunWater brand is focused on making its iSUP boards as portable as possible. That’s why they made all the fins detachable for this board. Once you are done with your adventures on the water, all you have to do is deflate your paddle board, remove the fins, and put it in your backpack. Paddle boards with permanent fins tend to occupy space and thus more challenging to carry.

· Center carry handle

Although this SUP board was made to be lightweight (17.6lbs), it is long and big. FunWater knew that its size would make it challenging to move it from the water body to land without deflating it fast. That’s why they added the center carry handle. With this, you will have no problem carrying your SUP board wherever you want, even when fully inflated.

· Has anti-skip pad

The FunWater Tiki Cruise might not be the most appealing paddleboard on the market in terms of aesthetics. Still, it has some great features, such as an anti-slip pad for safety. Indeed, you will find this feature handy when you are on board as it gives you a firmer grip and helps you to navigate with unmatched ease.

· High-pressure valve

Another nifty feature of this board is that it has a durable valve that keeps the air inside the SUP without leaking it out. When choosing an inflatable paddle board, you need to be keen on the inflation valve’s quality because this determines how long it can maintain pressure. You don’t want a valve that leaks out air when you are far from the shore.

The recommended PSI for this iSUP board is 15. It is a one-way valve. To deflate the board, push it downwards and turn a little for it to stay open. The automatically closes when you remove the hose after inflating it, but you will hear a small burst of air coming out after inflating.

Pros of Using FunWater Paddle Board

Overall, this board has been highly-rated, meaning it is pretty good. Here are some of the positive things that its users highlighted;

· It offers great value for the money

· Deflate easily and is portable

· Very lightweight

· Easy to set up and inflate


Here are some of the issues that were raised by its users;

– The hand pump broke, or the gauge malfunctioned after some time. This was a common complaint among the few people who rated it low

– The board doesn’t hold air very well

However, it is important to mention that there are very few negative reviews on this board, and the defects seem to be emanating from manufacturing issues. In most cases, FunWater warranty caters to these issues.

A Quick Conclusion

The FunWater Tiki Cruiser 10’6″ Inflatable SUP is a great choice for people looking for an affordable iSUP for general use. For its price, you get everything you need to get started paddling. This is a great paddleboard for beginners as it has a simple setup process and is light enough to carry with you anywhere

Therefore, if you are looking for a paddle board that will not leave a hole in your pocket, this is a great choice.

Try it out for a fun paddling experience.

Now that we have briefly reviewed the FunWater Tiki Cruiser, let’s dig deep into other aspects that make it stand out.

FunWater 10’6 Inflatable SUP Board Review


The FunWater Tiki Cruiser is one of the best paddle boards for the money as it is very affordable and offers everything you need to pace your way down the water effortlessly. It feels extremely stable on the water, thanks to its balanced size.

Precisely, this board measures 10 feet and 6 inches in length, which is the universal length for entry-level paddleboards. Indeed, this is both beginner-friendly and the most reliable paddle board for young adults, teenagers, and even adults. And despite this board falling in the 10ft range, it feels more stable than many other boards in its category. With this length, you will be able to paddle straight and feel stable onboard.

In terms of width, this board is just shy of 3ft as it measures 33 inches. Compared to its length, this is an ideal width for beginners as it provided great balance. Not to mention that the ample width gives you enough space for you to move around when on the go. You can either paddle while standing or on your knees.

Thickness is another dimension you need to pay attention to when comparing different inflatable paddle boards. The thickness of an inflatable paddle board is what determines its load capacity. For this vessel, you get 6 inches of thickness, which enables it to accommodate 330 pounds. This is quite commendable.


One of the main reasons this iSUP board by FunWater has continued to be popular is its quality. Many reviews seem to be focused on its quality, despite it being a budget-friendly board.

A major reason behind the quality of this board is because it is solidly made. According to FunWater, the board is made of ultra-dual layer PVC or, in other words, tempered PVC (highlight the word ‘layer’ in this sentence).

FunWater used multiple coats of PVC to make the body of its Tiki cruiser a positive indicator that they were serious about making their iSUP board to the standards. The manufacturer mentioned that this board is 35% lighter than most boards in its category.

To further enhance this ultra-light board’s quality, the brand opted to use industrial drop stitch construction to blend the PVC layers. It is important to mention that despite the PVC coats being weak, they can be made stronger when rightly-stitched together, and this is what FunWater has done.

Performance on the Water

As we said earlier, the FunWater Tiki Cruiser is a great choice for beginner paddlers who are looking for a board to introduce them to paddling sport. This is due to the fact that it’s made to be very stable since stability is one major aspect first-time paddlers always look for in iSUP boards. You don’t want to feel as though you are wobbling when on the water.

Therefore, FunWater designed this board to track nicely in a straight line and respond swiftly to commands. The board is very reliable in a different environment, except for surfing. To be honest, this is not a surfing board.

Overall, it is a solid, versatile board that can do well in lakes and cool rivers as it is designed to cut smoothly through waters thanks to its triple detachable fin navigation system.


If you are still unsure whether or not the FunWater Tiki Cruiser is the right option for you, then perhaps its packaging will convince you to settle for this iSUP board. Indeed, the FunWater 10’6 Tiki Cruiser iSUP comes with a commendable set of accessories, including a backpack carry bag, aluminum paddle, high-pressure manual pump, and much more.

Let’s discuss the content of its packaging;

· Paddle

FunWater includes an adjustable 3-piece aluminum paddle that can be broken down into three pieces for ease of storage. Paddles made from aluminum are great for general water sports, but as you progress, you might want to upgrade to a carbon fiber paddle as it is lighter, offers better performance, and is durable.

· Manual pump

You also get a high-pressure manual pump with a pressure gauge to help you inflate the SUP board to its ideal PSI. It will be challenging to pump this iSUP to 15PSI, but this is a good hand workout.

When inflating and deflating your vessel, make sure to insert and remove the hose to and from the valve with care as the accessories are relatively delicate. If you are rough with the pump, it will end up leaking out air. However, we would advise that you invest in a quality pump as the included one doesn’t last long.

· Backpack

Another notable accessory included in FunWater 10’6 Tiki Cruiser packaging is the carry backpack. This bag can fit all the packages, together with the deflated board and the paddle. Although the bag is not quality enough to be used for other activities such as hiking, it is decent enough for the carriage of the product

· Waterproof phone case

Most iSUP packages tend to include a waterproof phone case in their packaging, and FunWater does it as well. This phone casing will keep your smartphone dry when you are enjoying your stay on the water.

· Leash

A coil leash is also included in this package. It attaches your ankle to the board from the D-ring, which is at the rear end of your board. The leash quality doesn’t matter as its purpose is to ensure your vessel doesn’t drift away from you when you fall off your SUP board.

· Repair kit

You also get a repair kit that includes a valve wrench to help you tighten the valve as it tends to be loose over time, two pieces of PVC patches to take care of punctures, and a PVC glue for sealing the patches. With this repair kit, you can patch smaller holes that might be leaking out air.

Now that we have discussed FunWater Inflatable Ultra Light Paddle Board features let’s talk about its benefits and downsides.

4 Reasons to Choose FunWater Inflatable Ultra Light Paddle Board

If you are still not sure whether or not the Tiki Cruise Board by FunWater is worth the money, here are four more reasons to convince you.

· Ultra-light construction

This inflatable paddle board by FunWater is constructed using layers of PVC boards that are tempered to ensured durability. What’s more? These PVC layers are tightly joined together by industrial-grade drop stitches to make the board durable and strong.

The PVC material also makes the board 35% lighter than other paddle boards in its category as per the description given by FunWater.

Once inflated, this board measures 10’6″ by 33″ wide by 6″ thick and has a carrying capacity of 300lbs. This makes it stable and suitable for different environments.

Besides, FunWater gives you a 30-day return window if you find this vessel not worth the money, and the 1-year manufacturer warranty backs this guarantee.

Overall, its durable construction is one of the main reasons it is the preferred choice for many people.

· The board is highly portable

This FunWater ISUP board deflate and packs down into a size that can fit into the included backpack. Therefore, you can carry your paddle board to any place around the world by bus, train, or air. And the fact that its size can accommodate sizeable gear, this board is ideal for people looking to conduct different activities on the water such as exploring, fishing, and keeping fit.

· Central carry handle

This board features a central handle that allows you to carry it individually when fully inflated. While this might not seem like a significant thing, it will certainly come in handy in situations where you have no one to help you carry your 10’6″ board from one place to another.

· Wide range of accessories

The FunWater Inflatable Ultra-light Paddle Board comes with a wide range of useful accessories. This includes a high-pressure pump, coil leash, travel backpack, waterproof phone case, 3-piece paddle, a repair kit, and three removable fins.

With all these accessories, you have everything you need to tackle different water bodies with ease.

The Downsides

While the FunWater Tiki Cruise Paddle Board has been highly rated and positively reviewed by many customers. Just like with any paddle board, several others experienced problems with this product.

Some have complained that the board is not as stable on the water as they thought, and their concerns were not addressed when they raised the issue with the customer support team. In short, the board didn’t meet their expectations in terms of stability.

Another problem raised was the pump breaking after a short time. It is important to mention that this board’s affordable price means you sacrifice some quality, especially of the accessories, and thus should be handled with care.

Overall, many customers were satisfied by the board’s performance, durability, and stability.

The Bottom Line

FunWater brand might not be the most popular in the iSUP boards industry, but their vessel (the Tiki Cruise Paddle Board) has truly made a name among entry-level paddlers.

This board is of high-quality thanks to the ultra-light dual layer PVC it is made from. As a result, you can expect it to last long without being too heavy.

The board is also safe and convenient, thanks to the three removable fins it comes with. The three fins also make it stable on the water.

It also comes with a wide range of accessories, including a backpack, pump, paddle, and much more to facilitate your adventures on the water.

What’s more? The FunWater Tiki Cruise Paddle Board also comes with a 60-day return policy and is backed by a 1-year guarantee on materials.

Overall, we can term the Tiki Cruise as an all-around SUP that is most likely to appeal to people who are looking for an entry-level paddle board.

Therefore, if you are looking for an upgrade, this board may not be the perfect fit for you. However, if you are looking to get into water sporting (paddling) and want to get started with an affordable option, the FunWater Inflatable Paddle Board might be the right one for you.


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