2 person inflatable kayak

What is better than paddling in your inflatable kayak into the wild? Yes, taking off with your perfect companion. That is why the best kayak to have limitless fun is a 2-person inflatable kayak. They are easy to take around, to store, and feature everything you need to have an amazing time.

Stick around, read on, and you´ll find out why a 2-person inflatable kayak is a great investment and which are the best models to invest in today. Are you ready to have some water fun with us? Let´s do this!

What are 2-person inflatable kayaks?

Let´s start from the very beginning: what are 2-person inflatable kayaks? Well, these are water vessels that can be inflated and deflated and that are sturdy enough to take two people without sinking. Yes, technology has indeed gone so far as to make inflatable vessels sturdy enough to take two adults plus gear. Furthermore, things have gotten so durable in the inflatable world that these kayaks can withstand most weather and water inclemency. They use them for tactical military missions; they should be sturdy enough.

Let´s take a look at some of the characteristics that changed in the past decade for inflatable kayaks.

· Valves – We´re used to seeing the vintage blow valves of inflatable kid toys but a lot has happened since those were used in grown-up toys. The new recessed, one-way valves are as sturdy, impossible to bump, and reliable as they get. You can forget about accidentally deflating your mighty ship with this valve technology.

· Fabric – Companies manufacturing floating vessels have been benefited from the innovations in fabric, compound polymers, and nylon industries. Such is the case that, for example, kayaking over white water, rapid, and such is much safer on an inflatable vessel that bounces back than with a hardshell kayak that might crack and break.

· Pumps – Long gone are the days in which we had to use our lungs to put air inside our floating companions. Nowadays, most inflatable kayaks feature their own pump as part of the combo. I don´t mean to be a spoiler, but it is a common feature on our three picks.

· Accessories – Last, but not least, inflatable kayaks feature lots of different accessories including all you might need for fishing, going on a weekend relaxing trip, or an adventure. From skegs, paddles, and repair kits to carry bags, and seats, all of them will make your water adventures much better.

Why you should get one?

So, now that you are fully aware of what we talk about when we talk about 2-person inflatable kayaks, it´s time to address why you should get one.

For starters, they are the easiest to carry compared to any other floating vessel. You can carry it on your own; take it on a plane, or in your car´s trunk. Furthermore, you can even move it from the shore into the water as a single-person effort. Forget about roof racks and having to use heavy ropes to keep it in its place. Just bring your inflatable kayak and pump air into your next adventure and you´ll be floating on the water in no time effortlessly.

Second, they are very reliable and difficult to sink. Since the entire kayak is made with floating, air-filled fabric, there is no way of sinking it. Moreover, the new building technology used on most kayaks includes different air compartments, which means that if any of them gets deflated because of a puncture, for example, you can still make it to the shore completely dry.

Finally, when you compare the maintenance costs of having to store, keep and move a 2-person hardshell kayak with those of an inflatable one, there are no doubts which the winner is. All you need to do is to be very tidy in terms of drying and cleaning your vessel every time you leave the water to prevent the formation of mold or any other annoying microorganism.

The best means of transport to go on an adventure with your significant other, best friend, or any other partner that you choose is a 2-person inflatable kayak.


2-person inflatable kayak mini buying guide

Let´s take a look at the qualities that you should find in your inflatable kayak to make sure it is a good investment. Moreover, being able to speak the same language as the sales clerk is optimum to get the kayak you need and not the one they want you to buy. Let´s go over some basic concepts.


A 2-person inflatable kayak needs to be at least 10-feet long when inflated. This is the minimum space you need to accommodate two people and, potentially, some of your gear. If the salesperson offers you anything smaller than that, you should only buy it for solo adventures.

Also, the width of the inflatable kayak should not be any less than 3 feet. This is the minimum you need to be comfortable with while moving around from one part to the next inside the vessel. Remember that balance is utterly important when you are on the water.

Finally, the vessel that you buy should have a capacity of over 350 pounds (159kg) so it can accommodate two adults in any given water condition. Any less than that and you´re going to have to go on a diet before you go on holiday!

Seats and footrests

This is a definite must when you are buying a 2-person inflatable kayak because you will want to be paddling while sitting down instead of being on your feet. Seats not only help you balance the vessel on the water, but they also help you have a more relaxed time while you are paddling the afternoon away. Also, don´t overlook the plastic footrests; they are paramount as a support point while you are paddling. Trust me, having your feet sliding away on the rubber floor as you are trying to move your kayak forward is not anyone´s idea of fun.


Finally, the addition of skegs to the combo is a great performance booster while paddling. Some kayak models even include more than one type of skeg so you can use it depending on where you are going to be paddling at. For example, a longer skeg is great for deeper waters and a shorter one will do a better job in shallower destinations. Make sure your inflatable kayak features skegs as part of the combo.

2-Person inflatable kayak reviews

Now that you know what to look for in a 2-person inflatable kayak, it´s time to take a look at the models we picked for you. We went through most of the models available in the market and tried them until we found our favorites. These three models you are about to see are the best of the best in the market; regardless of which one you choose, you can´t go wrong with any of them.

Let´s paddle deep into the details.

Excursion Pro Inflatable 2 Person Vinyl Kayak with Oars & Pump, Red (3 Pack)

This 2-person inflatable kayak is a great option for those in search of a fishing platform. The construction is durable enough to be a great vessel for outdoor fun and just going for a ride, but the company went the extra mile with some add-ons that are ideal for a fishing trip with your favorite companion.

Let´s begin with the fishing-rod holders for hands-free fishing, and the waterproof bag that you can easily latch to the front part and keep everything dry, safe, and sound regardless of the weather. Also, the inflatable seats and the plastic footrests make it ideal to pursue your fish with determination. In the same vein, the dual aluminum oars being part of the package make paddling the afternoon away an easy endeavor.

The low-profile construction makes this an ideal vessel for river adventures, and the 400-pound weight limit will keep you close to the surface but floating easily regardless of how much gear you take with you. Also, the handles make it easy to carry out of the water even when it is fully loaded. Finally, the I-Beam floor and the sturdy construction make this a great vehicle to face most weather and water conditions.

The combo featuring a pump, a carrying bag, the aforementioned oars, and the water-proof carrying bag proudly carries US Coast Guard ID and TUV certifications. If you are on the search for a great fishing companion that can also give you endless paddling afternoons watching the scenery, don´t overlook this option.


· Low profile for rivers and lakes

· Plastic footrests

· Dual fishing-rod holders

· A water-proof bag you can latch

· Included skeg, oars, and water pump



· A foot smaller than the competition

Sea Eagle 380x inflatable 2 person kayak

Sea Eagle is a synonym of quality and performance in the world of inflatable vessels since birth, back in 1968 (yeah, a whole different millennium). Their reputation grew steadily thanks to great craftsmanship and an eager eye for innovation. This 2-person inflatable kayak is a sturdy, well-built, reliable vessel to go on an adventure carrying up to three adults.

To begin with, the Sea Eagle will be ready in about eight minutes of pumping air through the three recessed, one-way valves. This will fill up the three air compartments that will give the kayak a total of 11 feet and 9 inches long, and 3 feet, 3 inches wide interior space. In this space, you can accommodate all your gear and two inflatable seats that work wonders for long afternoons of paddling.

Moving on to the floor, the drop-stitch technology applied to the entire bottom part of the vessel is paramount to go through rocky bottoms and come out the other way triumphantly. It also features a special texture for the feet that you can remove and wash separately. It is worth mentioning that the vessel features 16 valves that can be open or closed and will help you get rid of the water that can go in when the weather is not too nice.

Finally, the skeg on the bottom adds a lot of stability to the ride and makes the paddling easier, especially in flat waters.

This combo is completed with a couple of double-headed paddles, inflatable seats, a very sturdy carry bag, a manual foot-pump, the skeg, and a repair kit. If you are looking for a versatile, sturdy, and reliable 2-person inflatable kayak, this is an option you have to check.


· Sturdiness is top-notch. You can check this video to see it for yourself.

· Ready to use in 8 minutes

· 16 drain valves

· Drop-stitch technology

· Dual inflatable seats



· Two seats for a three-passenger vessel

· No storage compartments or bags

· The fishing seat is sold separately as an accessory


Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

Made of a very bright, yellow durable vinyl, this Intex 2-person inflatable kayak features everything you need to get started right away. Intex, in case you haven´t heard about them, is another of the heavy-weight companies in the inflatable kayak world.

The K2 is a great option with the I-Beam floor that makes the construction more stable and improves the balance along with the included skeg. This I-Beam floor is separated from the rest of the vessel because it features a two-chamber construction for increased safety. Furthermore, the Boston Valves ensure you will not have any air leakage while you are paddling like crazy in adventure-frenzy. In the same vein, the combo includes a repair kit with patches that will help you take care of business if you need to.

It is worth mentioning the cargo net that Intex installed in the front part to keep your stuff safe and out of the main compartment. Moreover, if you want to enjoy this big vessel on your own, both seats are removable for your comfort. The design is completed with the dual grab lines (one on each end) for easier docking and transportation.

Speaking of transportation, the included carrying bag is a great addition to the combo. It is sturdy, comfortable, and well designed; the ideal companion to take your inflatable kayak everywhere. Also, part of the combo, the dual aluminum oars, the removable skeg, and the high-output pump, make this kayak ready for action right out of the box.

If you´re looking for a reliable, easy to carry, sturdy 2-person inflatable kayak with storage room for your stuff, you shouldn´t overlook this option by Intex.


· Durable vinyl construction

· I-Beam floor

· Net for carrying items

· Dual aluminum oars

· Removable dual seats



· The pump is not covered by the warranty


2-Person inflatable kayak FAQs

We know that you finish reading every article and end up with some extra questions. Don´t worry, we are here to quench your thirst completely, thus, here are the FAQs coming your way.


Are inflatable kayaks slow?

The answer to this question depends largely on the model that you choose. Indeed, this is one of the main differential qualities between the lower-priced models and the higher-priced models. If you buy a high-quality model (like the ones above), you´ll notice the opposite; you´ll go too fast because it is a lighter vehicle. So, depending on the model you buy, the speed you can reach.


Are inflatable kayaks safe?

Yes, they are as safe as it gets. Let me explain to you why:

· Different inflatable sections make it super safe even when they suffer punctures. It´ll never get fully deflated before you reach the shore.

· Stability-wise, the new I-Beam technology makes flooring both sturdy and stable.

· They are practically unsinkable. All the parts in the kayak are inflatable; hence, it is very unlikely that they meet the bottom even if they suffer a puncture.


What´s the maintenance cost?

The maintenance cost of inflatable kayaks is close to zero since there are no storage fees associated. Also, the carrying of the equipment is just the trunk of your car; there´s no need to add any roof racks to your car. Finally, storage in your garage will not occupy virtually any space, and you don´t need to pay extra to take it on the plane with you.


Purchasing a 2-person inflatable kayak is a great investment for having endless fun at a very small cost. Furthermore, you can make it a joint project with your significant other or your best friend and cut costs in half. Paddling off into the sunset or the sunrise is one of the best ways of enjoying the beauty of being alive on Planet Earth.

In the case you are a fishing enthusiast, I would go for the first Intex model that features several specific specs for that endeavor. On the other hand, if you are off to paddle and have fun with no fishing gear involved, the Sea Eagle would be my first choice, closely followed by the Intex model.

Regardless of your pick, never forget to have fun and make the most out of every moment on these rubber wonders.

Happy paddling!


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