Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

The Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak is an inflatable kayak designed for fun — and its durable construction, multipurpose features, and additional passenger capacity make it that much finer to enjoy. This 12-foot, 6-inch long kayak has all that you would expect from a rugged inflatable watercraft, and can be used for tandem kayaking. But what else do you need to know about the Sea Eagle 380x? Don’t worry. This article will explore the Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak and look at its pros, cons, features, and benefits — and help you determine whether it is the right kayak for you.


The Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak is an inflatable recreational kayak that is capable of carrying two or three adults. Its 12-foot, 6-inch long, 3-foot, 3-inch wide inflatable hull is made of a 1,000-denier polyester fabric (and weighs about 40 pounds).

Once inflated, the Sea Eagle 380x has an 11-foot, 9-inch long interior that is 15 inches wide. It has a total of two seats (either inflatable or tall-back) and comes with two double-headed paddles.

The 380x has three recessed, one-way air valves (it takes about 8 minutes for the kayak to inflate). The valves are for the kayak’s three air chambers, located in the hull, port, and starboard areas.

Hull and Floor

The Sea Eagle 380x’s hull has 16 drain valves that can be put in either an open or a closed position. These valves, when closed, facilitate flat-water kayaking. When open, they can drain off excess water on whitewater kayaking trips.

The kayak itself also comes with a durable drop-stitch floor — which offers an extra layer of protection to the hull (and riders) against logs, rocks, and other rough water obstacles. It is suitable for the riders’ feet and is removable for cleaning.

Skeg and Shock Cords

In addition to this, the Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak comes with a center-aft skeg — one that can be used to increase tracking on flat-water trips. That said, the 380x is also suitable for sea trips and whitewater kayaking.

The 380x has spray skirts that are located in the front and the rear. It also has shock cords (bungee cords) in the front and rear for deck rigging, as well as two carry handles.

Engine and Sailing Fixtures

The Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak is also able to accommodate an engine that weighs up to 15-pounds. It is compatible with the WaterSnake Asp T24 electric motor, one that offers 24 pounds of thrust.

The 380x also has optional fixtures for sailing (what Sea Eagle calls the “QuikSail”). These fixtures allow a small sail to be fastened to D-rings in the kayak’s hull.


Given the Sea Eagle 380x’s many different components and multiuse capabilities, it has several advantages over other kayaks — even other inflatable kayaks. Here are some of them.

It is an extremely sturdy kayak. One benefit of the Sea Eagle 380x that is almost routinely mentioned is the kayak’s durability. Users have noted its ability to hold up in the open sea and bay areas (with mussel beds, razorback clams, and rocky shores) as well as whitewater rivers. Sea Eagle itself has demonstrated the kayak’s ability to resist cinder blocks, hammer blows, and the full weight of a moving jeep. Though this may be marketing particular to Sea Eagle, it does not discount reviewers who have routinely noted the kayak’s sturdiness and resilience.

It is a very versatile watercraft. Along with the 380x’s sturdiness is its multifaceted abilities for flatwater, whitewater, and sea use. Users have reported that the 380x’s skeg has worked well on flatwater — giving it a high degree of stability and an improved tracking (the ability to be paddled in a straight direction) dynamic. In addition, the 380x is also suitable for whitewater river use, given its drain valves, strong seams, and overall hardiness. One user even converted his 380x into a sailing craft and used it off a coastal beach. A strong gust of wind and (optional) pontoons made this craft fast and steady.

It can accommodate tandem kayakers. The Sea Eagle 380x isn’t just designed for one kayaker — though it definitely can be used as a single-passenger kayak. There is, however, a prominent two-seat arrangement that can accommodate two inflatable or hard-back upright chairs. These seats are fastened to the hull by way of belts that attach to D-rings on the port and starboard sides. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 750 pounds — which is enough for three adults (or perhaps two adults and a pet). The 380x comes with two double-headed paddles and is relatively lightweight. Indeed, one user noted that its roughly 40-pound weight made it easier to carry than hardshell watercraft that could weigh 70 pounds or more.


The Sea Eagle 380x does have some drawbacks; they are discussed below.

Limited seating capacity. Though Sea Eagle and other vendor sites mention this kayak as having enough room and weight capacity to carry three adults (which it likely does), it only has two seats. This can really limit the capacity for the 380x to accommodate more than two people, and if there are more than three adults aboard, one will have to sit in front by default — and perhaps not be able to paddle along with the others. If you are considering getting a kayak to accommodate at least three people, you might want to look for a larger model.

Its tandem abilities are suitable for certain environments. The 380x has been reported for being a good kayak for tandem riders — but really only in relatively calmer waters. Users have reported that the kayak is excellent for flatwater use (like lakes or slow-moving rivers) and even beach or sea use, but only if the waves aren’t that high. In whitewater conditions, the 380x is suitable for only two kayakers (you likely wouldn’t want to risk three people in such a craft). It has been reported, however, as very stable on rougher waters — though taking in more water than it would if it had come with a spill cover (which it does not have).

Issues with seams. Some users have noted that the 380x’s seams do not hold up in warmer weather. This can be problematic if you are using the kayak in subtropical or tropical areas. Other users have noted ripping a hole in the hull of the kayak (one as large as ten inches), flooding the bottom of the craft with water. Sea Eagle reportedly offers excellent customer service, a three-year warranty, and a 120-day trial period — and even users who have experienced such problems have been helped reasonably well. It would be a good idea to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations for safety and kayak maintenance issues.


The Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak comes with several kayaker-friendly features. In this section, we will look at its dimensions, standard equipment, and additional features.


The Sea Eagle 380x comes with several standard dimensions, which are as follows:

  • Length – the 380x is 12 feet, six inches long, and has an inflated interior length of 11 feet, 9 inches,
  • Width – the kayak body is 3 feet, 3 inches wide, and has an inflated interior width of 15 inches,
  • Weight – the kayak weighs around 40 pounds (some sources say as much as 42 pounds),
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – the 380x can hold up to 750 pounds,
  • Tube Diameter – when inflated, the tube diameter is 11.5 inches, and
  • Deflated Dimensions – when deflated, the kayak is 31 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 9 inches tall.

Some of these dimensions may change once sails or an exterior engine has been added.

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment, in addition to the body/hull, includes:

  • Paddles – may be one or two double-headed 7-foot 10-inch AB30 paddles, or two 8-foot AB40 or AB50 paddles,
  • Seats – comes with one or two Deluxe Inflatable or Tall Back seats,
  • Carry Bag – a bag that wraps around the kayak, has shoulder straps, and the ability to hold the kayak and pump.
  • Foot Pump – a manually-operated pump that can be used to inflate the kayak,
  • Skeg – a skeg that is removable and can be slid into the rear aft underside of the hull, and
  • Repair Kit – a small kit that includes replacement hull material, glue, and a tool for valve replacement.

This standard equipment comes with all forms of the Sea Eagle 380x (including the sailing, engined, and fixed rowing types).

Additional Features

Additional features, depending on what 380x variant you purchase (i.e. for sailing or motorized kayaking), include:

  • Storage Bags – bags that attach to the stern and bow for additional storage,
  • Motor – the motorized 380x comes with a WaterSnake Asp T24 electric motor,
  • Sail – the Sea Eagle “QuikSail” attaches to the bow of the hull and can change direction 45 degrees to port or starboard,
  • Rowing – the Sea Eagle “QuikRow” variant has an attachable seat with two fixed rowing paddles attached, and
  • Fishing Seat – Sea Eagle sells a separate swiveling fishing seat that mimics sit-on-top fishing kayaks, which can be used in tandem.

Other additional features include optional carbon fiber paddles, D-ring straps, motor mounts, fishing rod holders, anchor kits, and life vests.


If you’re a weekend kayaker, there are several benefits to the Sea Eagle 380x that might attract you — and these have to do with its performance in different environmental conditions.

Ease of use on flatwater. Because the Sea Eagle 380x is a flat-bottomed, inflatable kayak with an optional skeg, it is almost tailor-made for flatwater journeys. You can enjoy this kayak on lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and in quiet coves and beach waters. It has double-headed paddles, which can be enjoyed alone or with a kayaking companion. You can also mount fishing chairs on the hull (should you order these optional parts) and relax as you would with a fishing kayak.

Ease of use on whitewater. The Sea Eagle 380x may not look whitewater-ready, but this could not be further from the truth. It is an extremely durable craft that has 16 opening drain valves to allow onboard water to flow off of and out of the kayak floor. Besides this, it can handle up to Class IV whitewater rapids and is suitable for single or tandem whitewater use.

Ease of use along coasts and beaches. Though the 380x is not a sea kayak per se, it can be used along coasts and beaches where waters are fairly calm. Its lightweight construction would make it a perfect “beach day” kayak, and its skeg would improve its tracking immensely in waters where there is a somewhat stronger current. Attach a sail, and now you have a kayak that can move relatively quickly in the right wind conditions.

The Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak is also certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA). This establishes that the kayak meets certain safety and standards requirements as prescribed by this maritime transportation trade organization.


The Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak is a craft that is as suitable for active, social kayaking as it is for relaxed solo trips. Combine that with its suitability for flatwater, whitewater, and coastal use, and the 380x is a versatile kayak that is great for a weekend outing in almost any water environment.

There are some issues with the kayak’s limited seating, and chances are you will not fit more than two people on most trips. It is also not a particularly specially-made craft for the hardiest of whitewater or sea conditions, so it may not be your default choice for them.

Still, the Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak is a bit more rugged than most all-purpose inflatable kayaks, and can a take fair amount of play from faster-moving waters. If you are interested in a solid but lightweight weekender kayak with great tandem capabilities, give the Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak a closer look.

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